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Josian Chevalier
Software Craftsman at Shodo, I specialize in Domain Driven Design. I strive to improve my approach of software development and my knowledge, as well as raise awareness about software quality among developers.
Just as development should be iterative, software design should change when the context and our understanding of the problem evolve. As a software grows to solve more problems, it becomes less supple in its ability to evolve. Tensions arise within the business model of the software that struggles to stay coherent.
Eventually it reaches a critical mass and becomes a monolith of spaghetti code. How do we know when it’s time to modularize our software? How do we carry on the decision to split it into several modules or services? How can we handle the progressive differenciation of our business models while avoiding unnecessary coupling? It’s not as easy as a clean axe cut in the middle, finding the right boundaries can be tricky.
We would like to introduce the Model Mitosis, a dynamic approach used to split a business model into multiple ones that will get shaped and decoupled iteratively. Gain flexibility to choose better when to split into multiple services, and avoid paying the scale cost of microservices or becoming a distributed monolith.