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Derek Mathieson
A 30-year veteran in the industry, Derek Mathieson leads CERN’s Administrative Information Systems group. He has a breadth of IT experience that includes embedding systems to control CERN’s particle accelerators; debugging one of the world’s first web browsers; writing device drivers for high-speed optical networks; and building CERN’s e-Business applications and most recently data-warehouses.
CERN: Behind the Physics
Keynote (BEGINNER level)
Looking at some of the activities CERN engineers do to build and operate the world’s largest scientific instrument.
In this short presentation Derek Mathieson (Principal Software Engineer at CERN) and Sofia Vallecorsa (CERN researcher in the fields of Scientific Computing, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing) will explore some of the less well-known CERN activities, including mechanical engineering, climate science, machine learning, GPU computing and quantum technologies.