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Cristian Schuszter
Hi, I'm somewhere between a Data and Full-stack Software Engineer, with a wide range of tech & job exposure both in academia and industry. For the past 6 years I've been around various teams in CERN, working on Computer Security and SSO topics, then migrating to the Business Computing group in 2021. For the past year I've also been part of the group's solution architects team.I'm working with a team of wonderful people on making the CERN visitor experience as smooth as possible, by developing and maintaining all of our internal and outside-facing platforms for "site management".
Large language models are all the buzz recently, speeding up developer productivity and helping in areas like creative writing. One interesting method of super-powering your LLMs is called retrieval augmented generation (RAG). The concept implies that you have a local database of documents that you'd like to use in order to make your chatbot smarter, being able to answer domain specific questions.
I'll be demoing some of the experimental work that was done in our group at CERN in order to build a chatbot that feeds from our internal developer documentation and helps you find what you need.