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Sofia Vallecorsa
Sofia is a researcher in the fields of Scientific Computing, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing with applications in High Energy Physics at CERN. PhD in Physics, she has expertise in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Currently, she focuses on the intersection between AI and Quantum Computing. Since 2020, she is coordinator of the Quantum Computing area within the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative, leading a team dedicated to the investigation of the potential impact of quantum algorithms in High Energy Physics. 
Quantum Computing at CERN
Keynote (INTERMEDIATE level)
Quantum technologies could change the future of computing. In particular, quantum computing could bring about a profound paradigm shift in the way we think about algorithms and computing models in many areas of science and society.
The expectations are high and it is important to be able to go beyond the hype and understand  the scope of application. In this context, the CERN Quantum Technology  Initiative is investigating the use of quantum computing, and more in general quantum technologies, in High Energy Physics. 
This talk will provide an overview of recent results obtained by several projects, evaluating quantum algorithms for realistic applications ,in areas ranging from accelerator beams optimization to experimental data analysis and classification.