Building Lean Spring Boot Applications for the Cloud
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room C
With the starters, Spring-Boot offers a functionality that allows you to set up a new software project with little effort and start programming immediately. You don't have to worry about dependencies because the "right" ones are already preconfigured. But how can you, for example, optimise the startup time and reduce the memory footprint to better prepare the application for the cloud?
In this talk, we will look at Spring Boot features such as ahead-of-time compilation, lazy Spring Beans, actuators, different builders and much more. We'll also look at moving to a different JVM and other tools.
Let's make Spring Boot great again!
Patrick Baumgartner
Patrick Baumgartner is a passionate software crafter, coach, and trainer at 42talents. He works with people to create beautiful and simple solutions and enjoys building software for the cloud with Java, the Spring ecosystem, OSGi, Neo4j and ElasticSearch and other open-source technologies.
Learning new stuff from others and with others is a thing Patrick enjoys very much. Because of this, he is actively involved in the software crafters, Java and Spring, and the agile community.
He likes to make a difference, running experiments and discussing with a wee dram.