Everybody knows the term design patterns. Some know the patterns and correct implementation by heart. Others vaguely recognize the pattern names but don’t recall the details. This talk is intended for the latter group. 
I’ll dive into a couple of design patterns using real-life examples. What would a design pattern look like in day-to-day life? We’ll follow Bobby and Billie and discover how a design pattern would behave in a non-digital environment: the supermarket! With the help of drawings and code snippets, this talk will give you a solid understanding of design patterns, so you won't have to look them up ever again!
Kaya Weers
Kaya is an enthusiastic software developer at Ordina. She studied Communication & Multimedia Design, where she focused mostly on concepting and designing. After discovering programming is much more fun, she switched to IT.  
Kaya loves innovation and asking ‘why?’.