DOs and DON'Ts of managing numerous very large databases. A summary of challenges and problems encountered at CERN
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room C
CERN is an international organisation that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. With around 100 Oracle databases and several PB of data, CERN faces numerous intriguing challenges and unique caveats. This session aims to provide an overview of both past and current issues and obstacles encountered in the realm of database systems at CERN. By doing so, it seeks to offer valuable insights into potential problems to avoid and effective solutions to address encountered difficulties.
Andrzej Nowicki
Andrzej is a member of the CERN Database Team, specialising in Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. With a passion for solving technical challenges and a commitment to sharing his knowledge of database systems, he makes valuable contributions to the team's objectives. Andrzej began his journey with CERN in 2020 and recently joined the CERN School of Computing team as one of the organisers. Prior to joining CERN, he gained experience working with various companies, where he actively contributed to numerous IT projects as a database administrator. He holds a MEng from Poznan University of Technology. Outside of his professional pursuits, Andrzej finds joy in exploring the world around him. He nurtures his adventurous spirit by travelling, hiking and skiing.